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Lake Tinaroo - Far North Queensland Australia

Dam Wall (10 kms left)

Lake Tinaroo is a man-made lake constructed in 1950s on the Atherton Tablelands, West of Cairns in Far North Queensland Australia.

The main purpose of the dam at Tinaroo, blocking the Barron River, is to provide irrigation to the Atherton Tablelands area. Timber forests have also been planted around the lake and for recreation the lake is stocked with barramundi and redclaw yabbies, and there are several "back to nature" camping areas that would put Brokeback Mountain to shame.

A dirt road circumnavigates the lake [as seen in map above] and it is kept in lousy condition to satisfy the tourist demand by 4WD Wankers from the South to destruction test their rigs before the final destruction on the road to Cape York. So one needs to be aware of these freaks and huge timber trucks, both driving at breakneck speed, when accessing the camping areas, but the good news is that the distances are not great.

The map above displays the North East corner of the lake with the 4 main camping areas.

My aim is to add to the Pano locations from land and lake from time to time on future camping trips to this magnificent location.

Unfortunately the authorities did not chop down the trees before the area was flooded so there are many snags just below the water surface at any seasonal level, just waiting to puncture your canoe. Kind folk have done some marking with floats but they are few and far between, so I also intend to add to those markers as best I can.

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