Kindle Flip Pages

This is not a website as such, but a Hosting Location [with unlimited space - Yippee!] to Host a "Finger Flippin' Good" WebPage to market YOUR Kindle Book, as detailed at:

But since you have arrived HERE, please don't go away, as we can tell you the same story here and you can ORDER your site here.

WEB SITE - $49.95

Our latest feature is a fully hosted website/blog for your book. As you will know, success or failure on the Web depends on how you rate on Google and the sole purpose of this service is to get your book moving up the Google lists. All of that is in addition to what Amazon does for you to market your book.

    The features are:
  • A unique "Page Flipping" sample of your book [up to 20 pages, and $1 per page after 20]
  • A link to your book at Amazon
  • A Blog in the lower part of the site which posts your book description
  • FREE Hosting of your Site with sub-domain name [eg]
  • A unique Domain Name to match your Blogname [if available] for $20 extra p.a. [eg]
  • FREE FTP Upload of Site
  • FREE Author Site [Combination] once you have 2 or more Flip Page Book Sites

Here is an example of the main feature, the Page Flipping Sample. This author is Mike Jackson and his genre is "9/11 Revenge" via his team of Janitors.

Please be aware that this service is NOT only for books we have formatted but can be applied to any published Kindle Book.

Example of a Single Book Site

To see the whole Site for Baghdad Butcher click on either of the images below, one for the flippage and one for the Blog.

Example of a Combined [Author] Site

As Mike has used our service for more than one of his books, he gets a FREE Combined Site as shown below, one for the flippages and one for the Blogs. Click on either of the images to go to this Site.

As you will see, the prospective buyer is able to read a sample of each of the books, all in the one frame.

Purchase Your Own Site

Or to order the UTube video as well, click here [total $74.95]

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Or if you simply want to ask a question, we take you straight to the Input Form and use the comments box at the bottom.